NetMan 204

Ethernet network adapter for UPS monitoring and control.

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet IPv4/v6 compatibility
  • BACNET, MODBUS/IP supported
  • SNMPv3 with RFC 1628 supported for maximum interoperability
  • Modem supported for sending alarm and receiving call from software
  • Data and event logging capabilities for historical monitoring
  • Configuration via HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, FTP and USB
  • Upgrade firmware via HTTP/HTTPS and FTP
Operating System v. 18-1 Application v. 2.17
Upgrade Application v. 2.17
IMPORTANT! To install this version please check that you have the Operating System VERSION 16-1 or higher.
Instructions to upgrade Netman 204 Operating System
the zip file contains also the image writing tool for the microSD.
User's manual EN Rev. J
User's manual IT Rev. J
Upgrade Application v. 1.05
User's manual EN Rev. B
User's manual IT Rev. B
User's manual DE Rev. B
User's manual ES Rev. B
User's manual FR Rev. B
Netman 204 Quick start manual Rev. B  
MIB Files v. 4.0
BACnet PICS Rev. 1
USB Driver x86 v. 1.1 for 32-bit Windows
USB Driver x64 v. 1.1 for 64-bit Windows
Netman Manager 204 v. 1.0 for Windows
Netman Manager 204 User's manual Rev. A