NetMan 204

Ethernet network adapter for UPS monitoring and control.

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet IPv4/v6 compatibility
  • BACNET, MODBUS/IP supported
  • SNMPv3 with RFC 1628 supported for maximum interoperability
  • Modem supported for sending alarm and receiving call from software
  • Data and event logging capabilities for historical monitoring
  • Configuration via HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, FTP and USB
  • Upgrade firmware via HTTP/HTTPS and FTP
Operating System v. 22-3 Application v. 4.00
Upgrade Application v. 3.14-2
IMPORTANT! This version 3.14.002 prepares the Netman 204 file system for the upgrade to version 3.15 and higher.
Upgrade Application v. 3.18
IMPORTANT! To upgrade to version 3.15 or higher from version 3.14 you must first upgrade to version 03.14.002 [3560] This version will prepare the file system to host the new format introduced with the version 3.15
How to upgrade to Version 3.15 or higher
Operating System v. 18-1 Application v. 2.17
Upgrade Application v. 2.22
IMPORTANT! To install this version please check that you have the Operating System VERSION 16-1 or higher.
Instructions to upgrade Netman 204 Operating System
the zip file contains also the image writing tool for the microSD.
User's manual EN Rev. N
User's manual IT Rev. N
User's manual DE Rev. N
User's manual ES Rev. N
User's manual FR Rev. N
Upgrade Application v. 1.05
User's manual EN Rev. B
User's manual IT Rev. B
User's manual DE Rev. B
User's manual ES Rev. B
User's manual FR Rev. B
Netman 204 Quick start manual Rev. B  
MIB Files v. 4.0
BACnet PICS Rev. 1
USB Driver x86 v. 1.1 for 32-bit Windows
USB Driver x64 v. 1.1 for 64-bit Windows
Netman Manager 204 v. 1.0 for Windows
Netman Manager 204 User's manual Rev. A